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とどのつまり 自分がどうだこうだというのではなく

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Name it “Hope”
Motoharu Sano

On the night when the town jolted,
You sneaked in the municipal swimming pool and submerged yourself in the water,
and meditated in the dark.
At times, people are grateful for lights, water, rain, and winds.
At times people yield and bend their knees to lights, water, rain, and winds.

You hear someone’s mourning, trembling in the darkness.

I know, for you it is incomprehensible that your fellows and friends are missing
and not with you any longer:

I understand what you feel.
But just try to think;

Do promise me that you won’t waste your tears just to be hypocritic.
Do say that you don’t need or want someone to offer his/her routine condolences.

When it dawns, there shines the sun just like before.
There you find the thick growth of plants and trees.
Birds fly over the sky.

Behold, this beautiful yet cruel clich!

On the other hand,
How do you feel the lights penetrating every single cell of your body?
How do you feel your vigorous muscles even though they are all covered with scars?

I know, you are much concerned and crushed with the absence of your friends,
But let us try to celebrate your life who luckily survived.
How about to relish pleasures that you are lucky enough to live on?

Don’t give a damn to the hypocrites yelling that you’re being unscrupulous.
By giving rays of hope to the worlds, you console the spirit of your friends.

You can name it “hope.”

Aftershocks still keep coming.

One my birthday, 2011
Motoharu Sano

English translation by Ayuko Yamauchi



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